Network Marketing Tips and Strategies

Your Network Marketing Business can thrive if you learn how to attract people instead of repel people. Traditional methods in our Industry such as talking to everybody within earshot of you because “everybody’s a prospect” myth has really given the Network Marketing Industry a bad name and rightly so. With educational style marketing you will harness the Law of Attraction through teaching as opposed to selling and set yourself up as a consultant/expert instead of just being just another dreaded Sales Rep.People who can sign up new distributors consistently have this power of attraction working for them. They attract more than they repel. What is it that these successful people have that other’s don’t have? You can put this down to two things. Knowledge and Influence.People don’t want to follow or join anybody who can’t teach them what they need or want to know and they want to know that you can lead them in the right direction. So if you don’t have these attributes right now that’s OK because you can acquire them. This is how.If you are building your business offline your best way to gain these attributes is to become a consultant/expert about your products and related topics that your company is promoting. For example. Lets say your product is a health juice. If you are leading with your product then you could have a health educational style party where you invite family and friends and educate them on the benefits of your juices ingredients to the human body without telling them these ingredients are in your Juice you are hoping to sell. Actually you should never even mention your juice or products unless somebody asks, and trust me they will ask.The purpose of this party is to make it fun/lighthearted but informative at the same time. Some method ideas are as follows. A Powerpoint presentation, illustrations, verbal or even use props. Be creative but educate people on becoming healthier. You don’t need a Degree in this stuff, you just need to know a little bit more than them. Everybody’s interested in becoming healthier and if you give away valuable information that helps people you come across as bit of an expert especially to people just meeting you for the first time but even your family and friend will be impressed.Educating people and giving away health tips will tell people 1. Your knowledgeable about your topic 2. You care about your health and others 3. Youre not just trying to sell, sell, sell, pitch, pitch, pitch.If you have spent the night focused on helping and teaching them, they will more readily ask you questions about your opinions and recommendations and be much more influential when recommending your product. You will find now they are the ones initiating the business transactions such as, “do your products have those ingredients you were talking about in them?” or “can a buy some extra product for my family?” You haven’t sold or pitched to them, just helped (educated) them.This is called being attractive instead of repulsive. Repulsive is a strong word but that’s how selling and pitching goes down these days. It’s like watching TV that has no content just commercials. You feel cheated, bombarded. You don’t watch TV for the adds you watch it for the free content. But at the same time you are more open to the commercials because you are receiving value from watching it (free to air TV).But if all you are ever doing is” look at my Business opportunity, check out my products” you are telling people you are just in it for you and you don’t care about them. Imagine being on date with someone who only ever talked about them, that is not attractive. Always focus on the customer/prospect and give give give. This is using the universal Law of ‘Give and it will be given to you’. It is as sure as the law of gravity. Jump off a roof and you are sure to hit the ground. Give away valuable and helpful information and your sure to receive their trust. But you must do this willingly and happily, this is KEY. Give generously and you will receive generously. Give begrudgingly and you will receive begrudgingly.Receiving your prospects trust is vital to your success. Business is built around trust. No Trust = No Transaction = No $$. Once you have their trust you can now be influential (attraction).One other aspect of teaching as opposed to selling/pitching is that you come across as an expert or a consultant and not just another sales rep. This difference is like night and day.If you are taking your business online here are some options to consider. Set up your own WordPress blog. Put up articles on E-zine articles. Create some videos for social sites such as You tube and MySpace. All your content should be educational based, helping other Network Marketers with their business and receive peoples email address who are interested in learning what you have to offer. Get as many emails as possible as these people then become your leads, or prospects.They have given you permission to coach them and send them ongoing tips and advice which you can do through setting up an auto responder email.All these things will help you become the leader you need to be and have the success you have always wanted.